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“Since 2003, Jesús González Teso, oenologist and fourth-generation winemaker, decided with enthusiasm to sell the wine from the family winery, betting on high-quality, personal and different wines.”

Currently, he makes wine in the family winery, which you can visit whenever you want and which has a wide underground construction of the thirteenth century, equipped with modern facilities, to carefully prepare the pampered vintage.

This winery owns 15 hectares of vineyard: 83% tempranillo, 10% grenache, 5% graciano and 2% viura; of which 65% are trellised and 35% are old vines in glass, the average production is 6500 Kg./Ha.

The underground construction located in the old Jewish quarter of Labastida consists of eight cellars, of which two are from the fourteenth century and the rest are from the thirteenth century.

In times of the reconquest, the villagers were rebels and the did not want to belong to the Kingdom of Castile or Navarre, so they used all these openings and passageways to go to the temple - fortress located next to this area of ​​El Olmo wineries.

Wine was always made in these drafts, until they started bringing american grape varieties.

This led to the appearance of the most important clitopathic diseases that we suffer today. On the other hand, a parasitic insect of the vine, called phylloxera, was brought between the plant and it entered the soil and killed the vines. This led to the gradual disappearance of vineyards throughout Europe.

In 1899, the plague arrived here, but the problem was solved quickly.

Bodegas González Teso still preserves several pre-phylloxera strains that have been preserved thanks to the texture of the topsoil.

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