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Wine tourism

Rioja awaits you


A sea of vineyards

A different story in every corner

Because the truly unique thing about Rioja is its people

Rioja, much more than wineries and vineyards

A millennial legacy

When you make your trade something you own, unique and authentic


Wine routes

A route that will leave a mark on you. Wine is the connecting theme of all our routes and we want you to live it as much as we do.

Rioja Alavesa

Rioja area dominated by the influence of the Atlantic climate and calcareous clay soils located on terraces and small plots.

Rioja Alta

Rioja area where the Atlantic climate predominates, while its soils are distributed among the clays, calcareous, ferrous and alluvial.

Rioja Oriental

Rioja area that has a drier and warmer climate due to the Mediterranean influence, predominating alluvial and ferrous-clay soils.
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