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Description of the municipality

Like its landscape, the vegetation around Arenzana de Abajo has been modified by Man to make the place more productive, bringing about better use of the land, facilities and other natural resources.


Many years ago, scrubland surrounded and occupied most of the municipality, although nowadays there is no trace of it left.


Crop fields dominate the landscape, except for the occasional steep slope where quickly-degrading thickets grow. Trees stand on the banks of the River Najerilla, artificially planted with poplars, plus a few isolated examples of riverbank species such as willow and ash.


As for wildlife, species such as rabbits, partridges and weasels can be seen, together with trout and Parachondrostoma arrigonis (a species of cyprinid fish endemic to Spain).

42°23′11″N 2°43′08″O

8,39 km²

542 m


Enotouristic Resources

- Iglesia de la Asunción

- Fuente dedicada a Nuestra Señora de la Antigua

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Places of interest

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