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Description of the municipality

Agoncillo has always lived off agriculture, mainly irrigated, but also dry farming (particularly cereal crops).


Other important activities have been the cultivation of grapes and olives, asparagus and potatoes, particularly the first-named.


As for stockbreeding, sheep have been the object of transactions of historical interest, as well as pig farming.


Located near the El Sequero industrial estate, the local population has undergone a major change with the rise of industrialization that has taken place in recent years.


It also has an airport, although with one of the lowest levels of traffic in Spain.

42°26′47″N 2°17′26″O

34,73 km²

346 m

Continental suavizado, de transición

Enotouristic Resources

- Museo Würth

- Puente romano sobre el río Leza

Ermita de Nuestra Señora de los Dolores

- Yacimientos de Velilla de Aracanta

- Castillo de Aguas Mansas

- Iglesia Santa María la Blanca

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