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When the holiday season rolls around and it’s time to celebrate family and friends—new ones, old ones, chosen ones—opt for the supremely pairable, food-friendly and crowd-pleasing wines of Rioja.

Young Riojas & Crianzas

Young wines that express freshness and fruit character, Genéricos and Crianzas make a festive welcome pour or easy-drinking sipper for every holiday party, especially when served alongside cheese and charcuterie.


The perfect match for roasted meats, poultry, and hearty vegetables, meticulously selected and aged Reserva wines offer velvety tannins, dark fruit notes, and subtle spice that is perfect for the holiday table.

Gran Reservas

Exquisite wines made only from exceptional vintages, elegant and age-worthy Gran Reservas are reason enough to celebrate—sip slowly and pair simply with loved ones and great conversation.

Whether you’re hosting, far from home, or simply need to arrive with something delicious in tow, Rioja has your holiday wine and entertaining needs covered!

United States