“Rioja Week” Wine & Tapas Pairing at Taberna de Haro in Boston
All day long
From 10-01-19 to 10-07-19

The wines of Rioja and sweet red peppers have long been a classic pairing in Spain. To celebrate Rioja Week in Boston, Taberna de Haro is featuring a youthful glass of Olivier Rivière Rayos Uva, a fresh and exuberant style of Rioja, paired with the inimitable flavors of the sweet and tangy piquillo pepper, stuffed with slightly salty, ever so creamy brandada, a delicate emulsion of salt cod, potato, and olive oil. Oh so delicious and not to be missed!

Featured Wines:
Olivier Rivière Rayos Uva



Taberna de Haro
999 Beacon Street
Brookline, MA 02446