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This is Rioja

The leading Denomination of Origin of Spain: more than 600 wineries, 14,800 winegrowers and the largest barrel park in the world. Rioja wines are present in 130 different countries.


Rioja is the oldest Denomination of Origin in Spain (1925) and the first to obtain the Qualified (1991). Pioneer in the good work of wine. Simple, yet innovative. 


The legacy of the authentic, the respect for the artisan and the love for the own are our flag. Rioja, an extraordinary land of small great stories.


Rioja, despite the weather, continues to be true to itself and its roots, proving to be above passing fashions. Times change but Rioja is always Rioja.

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Three zones, a thousand wines

The Denominación de Origen Calificada Rioja is located in the north of Spain, on both sides of the River Ebro. It is divided into three large zones: Rioja Alta, Rioja Alavesa and Rioja Oriental. With more than 65,000 hectares of vineyards, each town and terroir has its own personality, making Rioja a unique land.

Rioja Alta

A Rioja zone with a predominating Atlantic climate and clay-limestone, ferrous-clay and alluvial soils.

It is not only known for the number of wineries and vineyards that are part of it, but for their quality and the great tourist offer around them.

Rioja Alavesa

A Rioja zone with predominating Atlantic climate and clay-limestone soils divided into terraces and small plots.

A sea of infinite vineyards joins the cultural and architectural heritage of its medieval villages, which preserve all the flavour of the passage of time and the traces of history.

Rioja Oriental

The Rioja zone with the driest and warmest climate, as it is influenced by the Mediterranean climate, with mainly alluvial and ferrous-clay soils. It was known as Rioja Baja until 2017.

With a moderate Mediterranean influence, the vines are gently blown by the north wind, producing ripe, healthy grapes in excellent condition that define the essence of this territory and its wines.

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Visit Rioja

Visit Rioja

Our land is synonymous with closeness, respect and authenticity. The charm of a region where people dedicate their lives to wine and open the doors of their house so that visitors can enjoy an unparalleled experience. Welcome to Rioja.


More than 600 wineries, 65,000 hectares and 14,800 winegrowers.


Discover the magic of the 144 villages of our Denomination.

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Rioja has three wine routes of great beauty, history and majesty.

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