“Half a century ago, a group of winemakers from Labastida (Rioja Alavesa), heirs of this culture, embark on a new wine-producing project. They had some magnificent vineyards located in the area that everyone called "Solagüen", an area that enjoyed a very good reputation and prestige among the locals, so they take this name as a brand for their wines.”

Solagüen is a very old place-name of Basque origin, coined many centuries ago. Its meaning is "in the upper part or beyond the meadow or grassland", and identifies lands where in old times the cattle were no longer cultivated or grazed and therefore were used to plant vines. In our case, that name was given to the lands located between the current municipal terms of Haro and Labastida.

This allows us to know and control the vegetative cycle of the grape throughout the year and the proximity and size of the plots makes it possible to also carry out a harvest of quality, with less risk of oxidation.

We are also concerned about the sustainability of this environment, for which we use Integrated Production systems and carbon footprint tracking.

We also have modern facilities where we seek excellence in processes, which is reflected in the quality certifications BRC (British Retail Consortium) and IFS (International Food Standard).

The objective of all the work done is to contribute creating moments of enjoyment, forming part of the consumer's daily life.

Come to discover the wonderful environment in which we find ourselves. Strolling through vineyards, enjoying our gastronomy and traveling to the past, for example, are all possible in a single day.

Book a guided tour of the winery and taste our wines. You will enjoy the moment and you will feel good, seeing the glass always half full.

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