Ortega Ezquerro Crianza


Vineyard / Origin: Vineyards aged more that 70 years old. Located at 650 meters altitude, in Tudelilla village boundary. The soil in Finca El Monte is composed of some layers of rounded stones. Under these layers there is healthy and dry land. Due to this type of soil, vines have very long and deep roots in order to achieve the nutruients from the healthy soil under the stones. Winemaking: Another key point for us is the is the monitoring of the Finca El Monte during the entire grape growing and maturing period. In the winery, the grape is destalked and slightly crushed. The fermentation temperatures are controlled up to 28-29ºC and the devatting is fast when it is perceived that the colour extraction has reached optimal levels. Subsequently, the wine is put into the barrels, where it will remain during 14-16 months. The wine will be aged 70% of the time in new American oak barrels and 30% in “second-year” French barrels. Tasting notes: Intense red cherry color. Aromas of red fruits, strawberry, raspberry and cranberry framed by fine nuances of spices, vanilla and toffe. Well-balanced and full-bodied wine, with very round tannins. Silky and structured on the palate. It has a sweet and very enveloping attack with a long and pleasant aftertaste. Pleasant reminders of vanilla, spices and toffe. Serving and Pairing Recommendations: Serve at 16-18ºC. Excellent accompainment with all types of food: cold starters, pasta, pizza, poultry and grilled red meat.

Type: Crianza

Alcohol: Vol. 14.0%

Grape varieties: Tempranillo, Garnacha tinta

Vintage: 2013

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Ortega Ezquerro Crianza