Description of the municipality

Cervera has a certain fame and prestige in its textile sector; between the 16th and 19th centuries it used to make sails for merchant ships and the Spanish Navy. It is also said that the sails of the ships in the Armada were made in Cervera.


The situation has now changed, with many townspeople working in the canvas shoes sector, which are well-known for their design and quality.


Most of the companies in the village are dedicated to these shoes or other textiles, although agriculture is also important (apples, pears, grapes and olives), as is stockbreeding (sheep and goats).

42°00′25″N 1°57′07″O

152,58 km²

549 m

Mediterráneo continental

Enotouristic Resources

- Iglesias de Santa Ana y San Gil

- Ermitas de la Soledad y de San Anonio

- Rutas de los Buitres, del poblado celtibérico y del Castillo

- Aguas termales de Fitero

- Baños de la Albotea

- Camino Verde

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