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Rioja Wines for Winter

Bring a taste of Riojan sunshine to your winter with the huge variety that Rioja wines encompass; from bold reds to flavoursome oaked whites and fruity Rosados. Whether you’re celebrating Burns Night or simply having a cosy night in, there’s a Rioja for you this winter!


Burns’ Night

Given this is a traditional Scottish celebration, for many the default drink of choice will be a Scotch Whisky. However, by all accounts, Robert Burns was a keen wine fan, so why not celebrate his legend with a glass of red? Burns’ Night, a celebration of the legendary Scottish poet is an excellent excuse for a comforting evening with friends and family, away from harsh winter weather enjoying a rich, earthy Haggis, with accompanying neeps and tatties. Traditional or vegetarian versions of Scotland’s national dish will pair fantastically with a fruit-driven Rioja Reserva to match the peppery bite of haggis.

















Winter warmers and cosy nights in

Oaked whites are more rounded than their unoaked counterparts, providing them with a fuller-body; notes of caramelised honey and an overall creaminess. With an oaked Tempranillo Blanco, the rich, nutty notes of the wine wonderfully complement a Gruyère and a variety of other sweet yet salty cheeses. If winter for you is all about full-bodied red wines, give a bottle of Gran Reserva a try – with bold, oaky flavours destined to warm you up on the chilliest of evenings, it’s the ideal accompaniment to this celeriac, bacon and barley soup. Comfort in a bowl (and glass).














Valentine’s Day

If there’s a day to pick a celebratory wine, it’s Valentine’s. ‘Wow’ your loved one this Valentine’s Day with an indulgent and delicious meal, matched with a Rioja Rosado. We’d recommend starting with this goat’s cheese and caramelised onion frittata: the structure of the Rosado stands up to the tang of the cheese and peppery flavours of the rocket salad. As a special Valentine’s treat , follow this recipe for a delicately-flavoured lobster tail with honey garlic butter and a white wine sauce; the sweet lobster flesh is pairing perfection for a fruit-forward Rosado.