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Rioja BBQ

Take your summer BBQs to the next level with Rioja wines


Summer is in full swing and there is no better way to accompany the long days and warm nights than with a BBQ and we’ve got some excellent Rioja recommendations for every dish. So fire up the grill and pop a cork because sunshine is on the menu!



Say cheese!

Grilled halloumi is a staple at any vegetarian BBQ and there is no better match for a hearty chunk of cheese than a Viura based white Rioja. A wine with a full body and high acidity makes the perfect partner to halloumi as the high acidity cuts through salty nature of cheese and holds its own against the robust texture of BBQ flamed halloumi.




 Spice up your life 

Crack out a Rioja Crianza with spicy chargrilled chicken drumsticks to get the party started! As a young red Rioja, Crianza is a fun and fruity wine and has the ability to pair with any food, even those that have a touch of spice. A Crianza can temper spicy seasoning with fresh and lively flavours of cherry, plum and blackberry, especially when lightly chilled down to a refreshing 12-13 degrees. A perfect summer red.



Think pink

BBQed prawns are a must have at any party in both the UK and Spain and they pair deliciously with Rioja rosé, known as rosado. An elegant rosado will accompany the delicate flavour of lightly grilled prawns and a bold, fruity style will be more than a match against garlic and herb stuffed prawns.



 All hail the king

No evening in the garden would be complete without the king of BBQ food: burgers. A flame grilled patty sandwiched in a fluffy bun, burgers are a classic BBQ food that demands a classic wine, Rioja Reserva. Aged in oak with distinct tannins, a Reserva is made to pair with red meat and exudes flavours of leather, dill and plum to bring out the best flavours in the meat.