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Rioja and Veggie Food Pairings

We wanted to share with you some winning combinations of flavoursome meat-free meals and delicious, versatile Rioja wine.

Whilst red Rioja is traditionally considered a match for hearty meat dishes, both reds and whites also complement an array of vegetable-based meals. Whether you’re completely vegetarian or just trying to reduce your meat intake, there is a pairing for you!


White Rioja with a winter salad

Salads aren’t just for summer – throw together a warming combination of nutty artichokes, blood oranges and tangy feta cheese. The mixture of colours, flavours and textures will go down a treat with a full-bodied oaked white Rioja wine. The ageing of the wine means it will develop complex notes of honey, nuts and toast, whilst the signature Rioja acidity and freshness will cut through the saltiness of the feta cheese.



















Rioja Crianza with fried eggs

A ‘breakfast for dinner’ recipe for a winter’s night, these fried eggs mixed with spicy onions and portobello mushrooms will pair beautifully with a food-friendly Rioja Crianza. Medium-bodied with notes of spice and red and black fruits, a Crianza will elevate this dish and pair well with the meaty texture of the mushrooms.





















Rioja Rosado with winter Panzanella

Traditionally a summer dish, try making a winter version of this Tuscan supper. Swap fresh tomatoes for root vegetables including beetroot and parsnips and throw in some kale and chunks of sourdough bread. Pair this with a fuller-bodied Rioja Rosado with notes of fresh red fruits – its slight sweetness will match the sweet flavours of the root vegetables, enhancing this nutritious and warming winter supper.














Rioja Reserva and jacket potato

Possibly the ultimate winter warmer – the humble but deserving jacket potato. A low effort but tasty mid-week meal, you can whip up a comforting filling of cheese and baked beans, or add a touch of spice with a vegetarian chilli topping.

Hearty but meat-free, the fluffy potato with its crisp skin is a worthy match for a rich Rioja Reserva. This red wine aged in barrel will have developed flavours of oak, vanilla and smoke, and will complement the spice if you’re adding chilli, without overpowering it.