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London Wine Fair 2019

London Wine Fair 2019


London Wine Fair marks the start of the summer for us here at Rioja Wine UK as it signifies the day where we can break out our short sleeves, hats and Rioja red sunglasses and start enjoying Rioja alfresco.


London Wine Fair itself is an impressive display of a wide variety of wines from around the world, with over 14,000 wines from 32 countries.  Rioja manages to stand out from the crowd, however, with our eye-catching lanyards. Having been the proud sponsors of the London Wine Fair lanyards for over four years, the lanyards, which change every year, mark the variety and range of Rioja wine amongst the avid attendees, and have become something of a collector’s item.



Rioja is famous the world over for its variety of reds, whether they be juicy, majestic, young, or aged, these wines are the proverbial backbone of the region. However, for London Wine Fair 2019 we focused on the other excellent wines of the regions with our annual masterclass entitled, “Transparent excellence: great rosés and whites from Rioja”.  Led by renowned Rioja expert Pedro Ballesteros Torres MW, the masterclass explored the lighter, fresher and fruiter side of Rioja wines; just in time for summer!



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