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Have a Spanish Valentine’s Day with a taste of Rioja

Valentine’s day is the perfect excuse for a romantic getaway, so why not pack your bags for uniquely beautiful Rioja. As Spain’s flagship wine region, nestled under the protection of the majestic Cantabrian mountains in the north, the area is home not only to delicious wine, but to beautiful rivers, rolling mountains and picturesque towns.

Head to Rioja Alta and experience a brisk hike in the Cantabrian mountains which shelter the vineyards from chilly Atlantic winds. For a more leisurely evening, take a walk along the meandering River Ebro and admire the expansive views, or enjoy a romantic evening in at one of Logroño’s renowned tapas bars where you can sample pintxos, the Basque name for tapas, washed down with local Rioja wine.

If you can’t make it out to Spain, bring a taste of the Spanish sunshine to you. The huge variety of Rioja wine encompasses everything from full-bodied reds to pair with your Valentine’s dinner, flavoursome oaked whites, and of course, classic pink rosado.

Pour a glass of Rioja rosado for a charming Valentine’s day aperitif!