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Enjoy Shrove Tuesday with Rioja wine

It’s Shrove Tuesday! The day preceding Lent is traditionally a time to use up what’s in your store cupboards, providing us with an excuse to whip up some delicious pancakes before the run-up to Easter commences.

Whether you prefer fluffy American-style pancakes, or elegant French crêpes, we’ve got the perfect menu for you, paired of course with some top-notch Rioja wines.

For a tasty dinner, try these savoury galettes from Delicious. Not only are they packed with sprouts, ham and mushrooms and oozing with gruyere cheese, they’re made with wholemeal flour for a nutritional fibre boost. Pair these with a vibrant and fruity young Rioja, which will match the soft, melted cheese perfectly.

Not forgetting the showstopper of the day – dessert! Time now for a sweet treat in the form of these Scottish-inspired raspberry ripple pancakes from Sainsbury’s. The sweetness of these will complement a crisp Rioja rosado – a wonderful end to Shrove Tuesday.