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A chilled glass of Rioja for the UK heat wave

A chilled glass of Rioja for the UK heat wave

The weather in the UK has reached record temperatures of late, including a high of 33.5°C in London. As the nation is feeling the heat and the UK seems more like Spain at the moment, we suggest opening a lovely refreshing bottle of crisp, unoaked, young white Rioja, nicely chilled in the fridge, to drink on a hot evening. And, if you’re feeling peckish and fancy the perfect tapas to accompany it, why not make this prawn dish? A great combination for great weather!


There has never been an easier recipe than this, nor will there ever be. And if there was a ratio of time-to-deliciousness it would get a top rating too. The best prawns to use are the little pink sweet ones: tiger prawns don’t seem to work so well. Any good brand of horseradish sauce will be fine. You can make your own if you want – it’ll probably end up being nearly as good as the bought stuff.

Serves two
200g prawns, thawed if frozen
1 mango
horseradish sauce

The only work here is chopping the mango into pieces roughly the same size as the prawns. (You also want roughly the same quantity.) The best way is usually to slice off both sides, and then cut what you can off the stone. Any mangled bits and any leftovers, if it’s a whopping mango, are cooks’ perks. Then take the peel off, and chop the flesh. Mix the mango pieces with the prawns, and add horseradish to taste: start with a tablespoon, and add more if you feel like it. The flavours should be in balance, so you can taste prawns, mangos and hot horseradish.

Serve with bread.