Descripción del municipio

Fonzaleche is located in the north-west of the province near important towns such as Haro, Casalarreina, Santo Domingo de la Calzada, Ezcaray or the main city in La Rioja, Logroño.


With an interesting winemaking history behind it, Fonzaleche has not lost its main distinguishing feature over the years: the peace and tranquillity of the hamlet remains intact and is worth experiencing.


It has around 130 inhabitants, a figure that rises considerably at holiday times.


The local people are always ready to open the doors of their homes to tell visitors stories about the place over a good glass of wine.

42°34′52″N 3°00′42″O

17 km²

559 m


Recursos Enoturísticos

- Iglesia de San Martín de Fonzaleche

- Palacio de la Condesa de Berberana

- Ermita de San Andrés

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