Description of the municipality

With around 1,400 inhabitants, the life of the town revolves around agriculture. Its irrigated fields not only yield quality fruit and vegetables, they also make it an enjoyable place to stroll along the banks of the River Ebro or among the many fruit trees.


The history of Sartaguda is linked to its land; used for agriculture for centuries, its fertile soils lead to products of excellent quality.


The main products are peaches, pears and the well-known ‘piquillo’ pepper with Designation of Origin Lodosa, asparagus of Navarre, artichokes and grapes with Denominación de Origen Calificada Rioja.

42°22′53″N 2°03′31″O

14,9 km²

336 m

Mediterráneo continental

Enotouristic Resources

- Parroquias Antigua del Rosario y Nueva del Rosario

- Parque de la Memoria

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