Description of the municipality

Calahorra is located on the right bank of the River Ebro in the south-west of eastern La Rioja, on the border with Navarre.


The Ebro and Cidacos rivers have given it enough water over the centuries to support its agriculture, as witnessed by the fruit and vegetable market in Raso square held every Thursday all year round.


Calahorra is a key distribution point of fresh market garden produce for the whole of northern Spain, while industry and commerce have also thrived, the main activities being canning and shoemaking.

42°18′12″N 1°57′53″O

93,57 km²

358 m


Enotouristic Resources

- Catedral de Santa María

- Palacio episcopal

- Santuarío del Carmen

- Iglesias de Santiago Apóstol, San Andrés y San Francisco

- Monasterio de San José

- El Crucifijo

- Museos de la Verdura, de la Romanización y Diocesano

- Restos del circo romano en el paseo del Mercadal

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