“The Vivanco Museum of Wine Culture occupies an area of ​​4,000 m2 including 5 permanent exhibition halls, a temporary exhibition hall and, outside, the Garden of Bacchus, a collection of vines that has more than 220 varieties of all the world. All this dedicated to putting value on the relationship that man and wine have had during 8,000 years of history. All with a single objective: to educate, teach, disseminate and interact with wine as a civilizing element. And everything made from experience, sensitivity, respect and innovation.”


Opened in 2004 by HM King Juan Carlos I, the Vivanco Museum of Wine Culture is the main reference of the work of the Vivanco Foundation. A large, modern and functional space that houses the collections that the family has been acquiring for so many years. As a center of dissemination, the museum is an entrepreneurial and ambitious initiative, which has become an international point of reference on wine, its history, its production techniques, its research and all the cultural and artistic expressions that revolve around it.


In all the Wine Museums that we saw before inaugurating our Vivanco Museum of the Culture of Wine we were missing something, we saw that always, to a lesser or greater extent, farm implements, machinery, methods of production, historical documents were taught... but never took into account the fruit that gives rise to wine: the grape.

We realized that somehow, it was not given the importance that we considered it deserved. For this reason we wanted to make this tribute to the vineyard, to the grape.

In the Garden of Bacchus you can find more than 220 grape varieties, from their botanical origin to the most modern table and wine varieties worldwide.

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