“Bodegas Leza García is a family business making and trading wine produced from our own vineyards. ”


Bodegas Leza García is a family business making and trading wine produced from our own vineyards. Our Bodega is located in the Rioja Alta, a historical area of Rioja, well known for the excellent quality of its wines. 

Our family has been dedicated for generations to grape-growing and wine making, producing high quality wines to satisfy wine lovers. During the first part of the Twentieth Century, our grandfather Juan Leza Arenzana, started in the wine business.

We have received a legacy of caring for the land and a tradition of making the best wines.


We are family-owned wine producers, based on an integrated management of the vineyard and of the winery. We take care, and are proud of, the whole process – from the vineyards to the bottle. We grow our grapes in our Najerilla Valley vineyards, in the heart of the Rioja Alta.

We produce wines which are unique and have their own personality, showing the terroir and our own winemaking style and knowledge.

We remain true to our inherited winemaking values while offering different and modern wines, with their own personality, showing the terroir where the grapes are grown. 


Our vineyards enjoy privileged weather conditions for growing grapes thanks to the confluence of Continental and Mediterranean climates with considerable temperature differences between day and night.

We pamper our vineyards throughout the growing season, from pruning to harvesting, to produce the best possible wines of high quality to satisfy lovers of good wines.

We are always searching for excellence, bringing in our wines all the best characteristics of the terroir.

We offer wines that show the inherited personality and values of good winemaking while offering modern, different and consumer friendly wines. We strive to highlight the singularity of our wines, showing the uniqueness of the vineyards where the grapes were grown.   

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