Description of the municipality

Cellorigo is part of the beautiful district of Haro and is located between the southern foothills of the Obaranes mountain range and the plains of Rioja Alta. It is a very rugged territory with large crags such as the massif of Peñaluenga, on the border with Burgos province.


From the village you can see the splendid valley of the rivers Tirón and Oja.


However, it is on the point of becoming a ghost village, as very few people still live there. Those who do work in agriculture and stockbreeding.

42°37′38″N 2°59′58″O

12,43 km²

782 m


Enotouristic Resources

- Iglesia de San Millán

- Ermita de Santa María del Barrio

- Restos de una villa romana en Puente de El Vado

- Sepulturas medievales en Santa Muchacha

- Yacimiento prehistórico en Peñas del Castillo

- Fuente Vieja

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