Information note on the process of taking samples of the 2017 harvest

With the objective of an adequate planning of those operators that intend to benefit from what is set out in the Official Circular 5/2005 “Decisions relating to harvest classification” that details the requirements to request early classification of the total harvest and the bringing forward of the Classification of 10% of the harvest, the following is reported:

The Order APA / 3465/2004 in its Annex 2 section II.1.four sets out that “Samples will be taken during the ninety days after 30 November of the year of harvest. Sampling can be brought forwardd for those winemakers that request it, with the exclusive purpose of quickly selling young wines from that harvest.”

The operation arranged by the Control Board is as follows:

  • Thursday 26 October. Sending to operators who made wine with the 2017 harvest the new Official Circulars (10/2017 and 11/2017) related to the Vinification Affidavit together with the statement models.
  • Thursday 26 October. The models of Vinification Affidavit, Annex I Vinification Affidavit List of incoming grape batches, Annex II Detailed Vinification Affidavit Viñedo Singular and the Vinification Affidavit (Purchase and sale of musts) will be available on the Web. Specifically, links to them will be included, at the foot of the Official Circulars 10/2017 and 11/2017 respectively.
  • Thursday 26 October. The Control Board is in a position to process Vinification Affidavits as well as sampling requests.
  • Friday 27 October. Data on incoming grapes can now be downloaded per supplier at each winemaking facility, based on the summary located in the website per supplier is enabled in each manufacturing facility, this is the summary function located on the Website which is accessed with the usual user password.
  • As of Friday 27 October 27 we will begin to take samples increasing the resources allocated for this activity for the week of 13 November for which a full availability of all the resources dependent on the Control Board is foreseen. It is noteworthy that the week from 6 to 10 November the dedication of the Control Board to the activity of sampling will be very low, having another activity planned for this date.

You are hereby notified for your knowledge and such effects as may obtain.

Logroño, 25 October 2017.



Pablo Franco Sarria