Circular 2/2018. Deadline for presentation regarding grape protection. 2017 harvest

It is a formal practice that, once registered wineries have concluded vinification and submitted the relevant affidavits, a Vinification Affidavit Validation Report be issued with the purpose, among others, of informing about which batches of grapes will not have access to protection and hence neither will the wines made with them, as well as the volumes in the same situation as a result of excesses due to the application of maximum grape-to-wine ratios. The growers who produced the non protected grapes are also identified.

Regardless of the above information, the Control Board also subsequently formalises a Harvest Affidavit Validation Report, giving an account to all holders of vineyards who have declared grapes from vineyards registered in this Designation of Origin about the total kg of grapes delivered to the winery and, where appropriate, the quantity of kg that has not been ptotected by the Designation, all this prior to the mandatory Harvest affidavit.

The two previous reports allow the owners of non-protected grapes to lodge such appeals as they deem suitable before the Control Board following the common administrative procedure.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the rational operation of the wineries requires that the quantity of wine protected and without protection be determined as soon as possible from its production, as they are required to remove from their facilities those wines that have not been subjected to classification or that have not obtained it before 31 May of the year following their vinification (point III One of Annex 2 of Order APA 3465/2004 of 20 October 2004 on Standards for classifying wines entitled to the Denominación de Origen Calificada Rioja).

In this order, the dysfunction involved in submitting applications for grape protection has been proven once the wine resulting from it has been protected or, where appropriate, downgraded, and even removed from the wineries. This circumstance advises a procedure of irrefutable contradiction to grant protection and with it the protection of the Designation, but limited in time for reasons, among others, of legal security.

On those grounds,

Vineyard owners are notified that on the date of that announcement the Control Board has sent all Vinification Affidavit Validation Reports and Harvest Affidavit Validation Reports to their owners, with a copy being held at the Control Board’s head office for anyone who did not receive it, and allowing for a general period of 10 working days for the submission of applications that directly or indirectly affect the protection of wines by the DOCa Rioja.

It is agreed to set a time limit for the submission of those applications so that, in any case, those submitted after 15 March of this year 2018 will not be accepted.

You are hereby notified for your knowledge and such effects as may obtain.

Logroño, 20 February 2018.



Fernando Salamero Laorden