Circular 12/2017. Vinification entry in wine movement sheets

Instructions for entering the vinification of the 2017 vintage, both for manual and mechanized sheets.

In the manual sheets the entry in the record of the wines obtained in the present campaign is shown with a date 1 December 2017 in entry no. 1 with the ‘concept’ of ‘vinification’ and box Hl shows the total wine obtained (without lees) that corresponds to the one that the wineries indicated in the Harvest Affidavit. In the mechanised files, the entry should be reflected by the winery with that same quantity and with code no. 1 of ‘Vinification’. Any modification of the quantity will be made by means of movements with codes 70 or 74, as appropriate.

Subsequently, with the data provided in the Harvest Affidavit and Vinification Affidavit checked by the Control Board Empowered Overseers Service, a report will be issued with the wines obtained in each section, protected and non protected wine.

With the data indicated in the report sent by the Control Board, a release entry with code 74 will be made from the record of the vintage, which corresponds to the amount indicated in the section ‘Non Protected Wine’ that will have its respective entry counterpart in the record of by-products and non protected wine, using code 43 in both cases. This way, the wine prior to classification will remain on the 2017 vintage card.

On the other hand, when the classification verification report is received, if there were to be any modification on the protected wines, the release will be done with code 70: “Tank to downgrading” and in the Hl space the difference between protected and rated will be shown; in the inventory box in Tank will be the rated wine of this vintage. The difference must be passed to the “BY-PRODUCTS AND NON-PROTECTED WINES” record, using the code 43.

All releases with the codes 74 and 70, and from the wine card, will have their respective entry counterparts in the record of By-products and non-protected wines with key 43.

On 1 December 2017 the vinification lees noted in the harvest affidavit should be entered in the By-products and non-protected wines record. Both the entry in the “BY-PRODUCTS AND NON-PROTECTED WINES” record, and the release of the excess/downgraded wine of the new vintage must be reflected in the data of the next list of movements sent to the Control Board.

All non-protected products will be listed in the “By-products and non-protected wines” record until they leave the winery before 31 May on the year following their production in Annex 2, section III. One of Order APA/3465/2004, of 20 October 2004

Should you have any queries, we advise you to contact the Control Board Empowered Overseers Service by phone, 941 500 400.

You are hereby notified for your knowledge and such effects as may obtain.

Logroño, 15 November 2017.




Pablo Franco Sarria