Circular 6/1993. Indications in
the marketing, advertising and
labelling of certain wines.

In view of the repeated appearances of Rioja wines in advertising or promotional media and channels with incorrect information that does not correspond to the provisions of the DOCa Rioja Regulations, or allusions to vinification processes not included in it, and in order to avoid confusion for consumers on the true meaning of concepts such as ageing, adhering to the limitations indicated in the Regulations to be able to use the aforementioned expressions, the Control Board Plenary of the DOCa Rioja, in sessions held on 8 January and 8 March 1993, adopted, among others, the following decisions:

  • To forbid the use of the word barrica (barrel) or madera (wood) in the advertising or on the label of generic wines (that have not concluded ageing processes).
  • To authorise the mention of the expression fermentado en barrica (barrel-fermented) “fermented in barrels”, for white wines, provided that the Control Board is informed, in advance, of the realisation or implementation of this vinification system, so that due control of these wines can be exercised. However, no mention may be made of this vinification process on the main label with which those wines are presented to the market.


Logroño, 9 March 1993