Circular 27/1977. Requirements
for the authorisation of labels

The Control Board Plenary at a session held on 11 September 1975 decided that, when submitting a trade name, brand, advertising legend, etc., to be used in the marketing of Rioja wine, to be authorised by this Organisation, it is absolutely necessary that, attached thereto, there should be a photocopy of its registration in the Industrial Property Registry.

The aforementioned decision was notified to you through our circular number 59/75 dated 1 October of that year.

We said then that the step was taken in order to avoid confusion among consumers, conflicts between the different firms in Rioja and to discipline everything related to the authorisation of our labels.

We also said that, in order to promote the commercial flexibility of Rioja wineries, the Control Board would admit the presentation of the labels provided they were accompanied by a photocopy of proof that the registration of the commercial name or trademark had been requested in the Industrial Property Registry.

The experience of these years has shown that it is necessary to modify certain aspects of that decision and therefore, in accordance with the resolutions adopted by the Standing Committee at a session held on 7 July and of the Plenary in its meeting of the of 27 July, the rules that will govern these issues as of this date are the following:

  • In general terms, for the authorisation by the Control Board of a trade name, trademark, symbols, emblems or any type of documentation used in the marketing of Rioja wines, it will be sufficient to include a photocopy accrediting that the registration of said trade name, trademark, etc. in the Industrial Property Registry.
  • In cases of possible conflicts of interest between firms in Rioja, doubts about confusion for the consumer, etc., it will be necessary to accompany the labels submitted with a photocopy of proof of having achieved the definitive registration in the Industrial Property Registry of the trade name, trademark, advertising legend, emblem, etc.

You are hereby notified for your knowledge and such effects as may obtain.


Logroño, 10 August 1.977

The President of the Control Board



Eugenio Narvaiza