Circular 21/1991. Obligation to
indicate losses in the wine movement
records, and removal of downgraded
wines from wineries.

The Control Board set out, in its day, the obligation to report losses in the Wine Movement Records (Official Circular no. 3/78); but, it did not indicate any percentage, which has given rise to major disparities of criteria when it comes to discounting losses, lees, suspended solids, downgraded wines, etc.

Considering the specificity of the ageing system in barrels that necessarily produce losses in wine stocks which are independent of lees or by-products.

Considering also the existence of by-products and wines that have been downgraded for various reasons, particularly due to allowable grape-to-wine ratios, excess grape production and the process of classifying the wines.

The Control Board Plenary, at a meeting held on the 3rd current  with the aim of regulating these issues in the future, made the following decisions:

  • To set a minimum percentage of 2% loss in stocks of wines in the barrel ageing process. This percentage will be annual and will be discounted under this concept in the Wine Movement Records, with a frequency consistent with their working systems. The entry into force of this decision will be 01.01.92.
  • Remember that, in application of Art. 17, paragraph 2 of the DOCa Rioja Regulations: Non-qualifying and downgraded wines must remain in identified containers, duly labelled, under the control of the Control Board.
  • All wines, without exception, that have been downgraded or have not been submitted for classification, must leave the winery before 31 May of the year following their vinification. The removal must be made in compliance with the requirements established in Art. 31 of the Regulations of the Rioja DOCa.


Logroño, 8 May 1991