Circular 2/2001. Indications in
the marketing, advertising and
labelling of certain wines

The Control Board Plenary of the Denominación de Origen Calificada Rioja held a session on 1 December 2000 and dealt the proposal of the Technical and Control Committee, considering the unique aspects of the processes of making certain wines, the limitations set by Regulations and current regulations applicable in terms of naming these products and, in the spirit of avoiding, any type of confusion for the consumer, all within the framework of commercial claims to differentiate in this area this type of wines, adopted, in relation to the subject of reference, decided the following:

To allow the term Fermentado en barrica (barrel-fermented) on the main label of white and rosé wines on condition of a minimum of one month stay, requiring prior notice to the Control Board regarding type of vinification and that wines with these characteristics not be released before 1 January of the year after it vinification.

You are hereby notified for your knowledge and such effects as may obtain.


Logroño, 2 February 2001




Ángel de Jaime Baró