Circular 15/1991. Indication of
use of back labels in Movement
Records Circular 19/1989. Wine
labelling regulations

The Control Board Plenary made a decision one day with regard to the use of back labels that had to be removed from the Wine Movement Records, which was circulated through the Official Circular 6/84, dated 6 March 1984. In it, it was indicated that the back labels or seals used had to be removed, depending on the containers used, including unused ones, with a margin of 2% in back labels and 3% in seals.

Since it seems that the spirit of this decision was not understood and that a majority of registered people are systematically removing these percentages, which leads to unreal situations in the count of back labels delivered, used and stocks, the Control Board Plenary, in the session held on 5 April 1991, made the following decisions among others:

  • To annul the decision of 6 March 1984, official circular 6/84.
  • That in the relevant entry of the Wine Movement Records, a number of back labels be removed equal to the number of bottles used and that in the counts of the Board a maximum margin of deterioration of 2 or 3%, respectively, be allowed depending on whether back labels or seals are used. Therefore, the number of unused back labels may move within that range but always below the difference between those delivered and the number of bottles used.
  • That, in the event of a deterioration greater than those margins, for whatever reason, this be brought to the attention of the Technical Service and that the deteriorated back labels or seals be kept for later verification.

You are hereby notified for such effects as may obtain.


Logroño, 16 April 1991