Circular 1/2018. Modification
of Harvest Season Standards
in the matter of application
for recognition of multiple
harvest manager of holdings
and data protection policy for
Register of Vines and owners

The new wording of point 1.4 Harvest Season Standards, agreed in plenary session of 9 February 2018 is shared. As can be seen, the deadline for requesting the recognition of the multiple harvest manager is brought forward and it is emphasized that those holders who already requested recognition for the 2017 harvest, keep the right in 2018 if their circumstances have not changed. Therefore, if there are no changes, there is no need to submit any request to the Control Board. In the same way, the mention of the personal and non-transferable use of the Cards as redundant is deleted, given that this point is already dealt with in point 1.2.

1.4. Ownership of the card, whenever required, must be accredited with an identity document, shown to the Control Board Harvest Helper (person appointed by the Control Board to supervise the weighing and delivery of grapes), so that the person transporting the grapes will have to bear both the card and the card owner’s ID (or photocopy thereof). In this regard, we remind you of the obligation of the grape transporter to carry both documents.

It is common practice for registered owners to cultivate or manage the harvest of the holdings of other owners.

In order to standardise this practice and comply with the provisions of the previous point, it will be allowed for up to 5 different owners or a maximum of 50 hectares of vineyards, provided that the requirements indicated in the following paragraph are met.

Before the 31 March, a request has to be submitted to the Control Board that it recognise the multiple harvest manager, indicating the owners of the vineyards to which the service is provided. For this purpose, legitimation of their signatures will be provided via notary public or by any other equally reliable means. The owners of the vineyards and the multiple manager who represents them and provides the service, will expressly assume the fulfilment of duties and obligations with respect to the use of the affected Grape Grower’s Cards. Non-accreditation of the set requirements or non-acceptance of the condition of multiple harvest manager of holdings by the Control Board for control reasons, will prevent access to it.

It will not be necessary to submit an application for recognition if it has already been done previously and the circumstances declared have not changed.

The registered owner who represents the rest of the owners of the holdings he manages will be responsible for the use and custody of the individual Grape Grower’s Cards. The multiple manager may only use them for the exclusive delivery of the production from the holdings in question, the use of the card for production transactions of holders other than the signatories being prohibited, even for reasons of kinship, sharecropping, or other similar reasons.

On the other hand, after the entry into force of the new European General Data Protection Regulation, we hereby inform you that we have made available on our website updated information on the processing of your personal data by the Control Board in the terms required by said regulation, and you can access it here.

You are hereby notified for your knowledge and such effects as may obtain.

Logroño, 12 February 2018.


Fernando Salamero Laorden