“We invite you to learn about the unique identity of our land, our vineyards andourwines. We also hope you will enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Alaves district of La Rioja and Elciego and that you will get to know some of the people here, for whom wine is a way of life. Let the aroma and fragrance of our wine cellar fill up your senses and enter our private world.”

Although the history of Viña Salceda dates back just forty years, having been founded in 1969, it was established with a definite goal that entirely justifies its creation: to focus exclusively on the production of top-quality red wines.

The Rivas family, traditional owner of vineyards in Rioja Alavesa, is the one that undertakes, together with friends and vine growers in the area, this new project, which begins, therefore, with the already mythical harvest of 1970.

The winery, that in its current dimension, was completed in 1974, is located in Elciego, on the edge of the Ebro River, privileged area of ​​Rioja Alavesa, which enjoys a perfect microclimate for the cultivation of the vine.

Its more than 40 hectares of own vineyard plus the hundred controlled hectares, located in the heart of Rioja Alta and Alavesa, give the best fruits. In its clay-calcareous soils the plantations of Tempranillo, Mazuelo and Graciano are combined.

The low production and the age of the vineyards guarantee an excellent quality of the raw material.

In 1998 the Chivite Family, with a long tradition in the world of wine, acquires Viña Salceda with the idea of ​​expanding into a new denomination of origin and being able to continue making the best wines with a commitment to more modern wines rooted in their place of origin.

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Viña Salceda Crianza

Vol. 13.5%

Tempranillo, Graciano, Mazuelo

Viña Salceda Reserva

Vol. 13.5%

Tempranillo, Graciano

Viña Salceda Crianza

Vol. 0.0%

Tempranillo, Graciano, Mazuelo

Viña Salceda Reserva

Vol. 13.5%

Tempranillo, Graciano

Conde De La Salceda

Vol. 14.5%



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