Description of the municipality

Navarrete is a town of cultural interest, as it attaches great importance to artistic activities, environmental development and traditional craftsmanship and winemaking. Everyone is encouraged to take part in these activities, the aim being to foster knowledge, interest and skills among the local people.


The town is home to the last pottery that exists in La Rioja, the same one that has been the most important in northern Spain in recent times.


The urban ensemble and the St James’ Way to Santiago, classified as of historical and artistic interest, are its two main tourist attractions throughout the year.

42°25′45″N 2°33′40″O

28,49 km²

512 m


Enotouristic Resources

- Iglesia de Santa María de la Asunción

- Ermitas de Santa María del Buen Suceso y Santa María de Jesús

- Muralla y Castillo de Navarrete

- Camino Ignaciano

- Ruta del Vino

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