Description of the municipality

The origin of the village’s name comes from a blackberry bush that stands on a gentle slope between two rivers surrounded by cereal fields, vineyards and olive groves.


Moreda belongs to the Historic Territory of Álava, is the easternmost municipality in Rioja Alavesa and shares a border with Navarre. Its urban core has a population of almost 300, mainly dedicated to agriculture for self-supply.


Together with its vines and olives, the production and sale of olive oil is also very important, dating from remote times.


Olives and their oil have been recently relegated to a secondary role, with other forms of agriculture such as vineyards becoming more prominent.

42°31′30″N 2°24′29″O

8,67 km²

460 m

Mediterráneo continental

Enotouristic Resources

- Iglesia de Santa María

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