Description of the municipality

Cuzcurrita oozes history, and over the years the hamlet, its people, heritage and lands have remained unchanged.


Located near Haro and crossed by the River Tirón, it stands at the foot of Mount El Bolo: it has a castle that dates from the early 15th century and amazing landscapes that give it unequalled charm and walls that previously isolated the locality from the outside.


It is a hamlet with endless possibilities, and every Thursday, Friday and Saturday in summer it is full of groups of people enjoying a snack and a good glass of wine before dinner.

42°32′29″N 2°57′46″O

19,17 km²

518 m


Enotouristic Resources

- Castillo de los Velasco

- El Rollo

- Iglesia de San Miguel

- Ermitas de Nuestra Señora de Sorejana y Nuestra Señora de Tironcillo

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Places of interest