Description de la municipalité

Following the closure of the textile factory that employed most of the local population in the 1960s, people had to look for other jobs related to agriculture and commerce in places such as fruit storage facilities, stockbreeding and canned vegetable and fruit plants.


Quite a few people decided to leave for Zaragoza, Barcelona and the Basque Country.


Rural tourism is an increasingly important phenomenon, and is being promoted in the locality.

41°57′42″N 1°59′40″O

54,11 km²

638 m

Mediterráneo continental

Ressources pour le tourisme vinicole

- Iglesia de la Asunción

- Castillo de Aguilar del Río Alhama

- Ciudad celtibérica de Contrebia Leucade

- Ermita de Valvanera

Aguilar Del Río Alhama EN IMAGES



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