Description of the municipality

Logroño has a population of just over 150,000, accounting for half the population of La Rioja, of which it is the regional capital.


Bursting with culture, history and passion, it is one of the favourite cities of people travelling along the St James’ Way to Santiago, and the city receives many visitors every year.


If Logroño stands out for something, it is its people: adventurous, polite, happy, hospitable and sociable, with a great love of gastronomy and tradition. They always welcome visitors in exactly the same way they would like to be received when they travel.


The city centre has evolved over time, spreading outwards, increasing the population and building churches, squares, promenades, shops, sculptures and monuments to give the city a very distinctive profile.


It became the provincial capital in 1833, although the population did not surpass 30,000 until 1930.

42°28′12″N 2°26′44″O

79,55 km²

384 m

Continental suavizado, de transición

Enotouristic Resources

- Concatedral de Santa María de la Redonda

- Iglesias de San Bartolomé, de Santiago el Real y de Santa María de Palacio

- Conventos de La Merced, de Madre de Dios y de Valbuena

- Ermitas de San Gregorio y del Cristo del Humilladero

- Palacio de Espartero

- Puentes de Sagasta, de Piedra y de Hierro

- Mercado de San Blas

- Palacetes del Espolón

- Teatro Bretón de los Herreros

- Espacio Lagares

- Museo de La Rioja

- Casa de las Ciencias


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