Description of the municipality

Castañares de Rioja is located between Haro and Santo Domingo de la Calzada.


It is a village of mediaeval origins that connects the peaks of the Demanda mountain range with the valley of the River Oja.


Its population reflects a mixed economy: on one hand, agriculture, with more than 300 irrigated hectares dedicated to potatoes and beet, although cereals and some vegetable crops are also important and are well-known for their quality.


Stockbreeding is also important here, with several pig, sheep and cattle farms. The Canal of the River Najerilla crosses the locality and there are two trout farms.

42°30′42″N 2°55′54″O

10,91 km²

545 m


Enotouristic Resources

- Parroquia de la Virgen de la Natividad

- Ermita de San Miguel

- Casona de los Ruiz de Zelada

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